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Vendor Info

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for the 2018 Hydros for Heroes. We are pleased to be accepting vendors at this time!

Please be aware that we are limiting the number of direct sales business attending our event this year at 3 per company.  

If you would like to know who is currently signed up to participate please CLICK HERE or email us.

Any questions please contact us as


Vendor Information

Important dates:

  • Applications OPEN
  • Application Deadline: 1159pm, August 31, 2018 or all spots are filled. 
  • Vendor check in and Booth Set up: Friday, September 14th, 5pm - 8pm. 
  • Booths Open: Saturday, September 15 11am - 8pm (Loading/Unloading Zone Open 7am-10am & 8pm-10pm)
  • Booths Open: Sunday, September 16 11am - 6pm (Loading/Unloading Zone Open 7am-10am)
  • Booth Take Down: Sunday, September 6pm - 8pm


  • Display setup must be completed Friday, September 14. This is to setup tents, displays etc. Product Setup is optional on Friday night. (Setup may be cancelled on Friday night depending on weather.)
  • All tents must have weights on all 4 legs.  At least 10 pounds per leg is recommended.
  • No vehicles will be allowed on Bayshore Drive in the vendor area after setup closes Friday until tear down Sunday night. We will have an unloading/loading area near the event Satruday and Sunday.  This is for those who do not want to leave their product in the booth overnight. This is NOT parking just loading and unloading.
  • You are allowed to hand carry (Hand Trucks or Wagons are ok) product in or out to your booth as needed.
  • Vendor must be open during hours stated above. NO early closing or early take down.
  • Must provide your own tent and displays. Be prepared for wind and bring something to anchor your tent. You can NOT anchor to the street.
  • Quiet Generators are allowed
  • There will be on site security at night but your tent and items in your tent are your responsibility.
  • Please help keep our Historic Downtown clean by removing all garbage when you leave.
  • You are responsible for your sales and collecting and reporting of sales tax (8.7%) as applicable for your business.
  • Booth numbers will be assigned by the event coordinators
  • All vendors will all be located on Bayshore drive.
  • All vendors will be notified of booth assignments no later than one week prior to the start of the event.
  • Parking will NOT be provided on the event grounds
  • Hydros for Heroes reserves the right to enforce any other Health, County, City or Federal Laws necessary.
  • No dumping of ashes or garbage
  • No dumping of ANY fluids or anything in any drain
  • No additional donations are required to be made to the event. All proceeds made during the event are yours to keep.
  • Your space fee listed on the application is your only required monetary commitment.

Cancellation Policy: No Refunds.

Event Approval: Hydros for Heroes reserves the right to refund the registration fee and decline participation to any vendor whom the Board of Directors feels does not uphold the ideals of a Fun Family Atmosphere.

Hydros for Heroes, the City of Oak Harbor and any sponsors or volunteers will not be responsible for any damages whatsoever occurring to booths, products, property, or loss or injury to person(s) as a result of participation in Hydros for Heroes.

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