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What to Bring & Not Bring

The following items are allowed on the race grounds and highly encouraged to bring.

  • Camera - It is recommended a camera with at least 1/1000 second shutter speed to photograph the boats at speed.
  • Sunscreen - Even if it is cloudy the UV rays are still out and the water will increase the intensity
  • Appropriate Clothing - The races run rain or shine and will only be halted if race officials deem the conditions too severe
  • Folding Chairs - Find your favorite spot to watch the races from
  • Sunglasses - Help fight the glare from the water
  • Hearing Protection - The boats can be load and those with sensitive hearing could be effected
  • Umbrellas - While they are allowed please be respectful of the viewing field of other fans around you. (Not allowed in Beer Gardens or VIP Areas)
  • Cash - While some venders may accept credit card not all do and will only accept cash

The following items are prohibited on the race grounds and we kindly ask you to leave them at home.
If you are found to have any of the following items a member of the event staff will ask you to dispose of them or leave the event.

  • Alcohol of any type (All alcohol must be consumed in the beer garden)
  • Drugs of any kind. 
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Pop Up Shelters (only allowed for vendors and event staff in designated areas or those who are tailgating on Pioneer.)

If you have any questions on if an item is allowed please contact us.

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